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Do you know what bot marketing is?

It is a new tool that will help your company interact with costumers and being humanized via chat. Do you want to find out more? Talk with Neurona.bot! Click on this site and follow the instructions so we can chat on WhatsApp.bit.ly/Neuronabot

Your business has potential in WhatsApp

Example: Introducing The Lemonade App

BotMKT comes to Latin America with the following benefits:

1. There’s nothing more personal than WhatsApp, the #1 messaging app in Latin America

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 6.01.58 AM

2. It’s better to use a super app than to create one and have costumers use it

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 6.03.30 AM

3.It has better communication results and user reactions than advertising and mailing lists; 250 of every 1,000 messages are read.


Ads.bot is useful for:

  • Humanizing your brand

  • Personalize your costumer service

  • Making things easier for your sales force

  • Align your employees in digital communications

  • Align your employees in digital communications

  • Eliminates paperwork

  • Improve your reach on other apps

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