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Adsparent best practices can take your business to the highest conversion rates ever (CPM, CPA, CPC, etc).

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Your customer will never see us, all advertising guidelines are transparent, fueling end-user confidence towards your product or service.

Tons of Resources

We have more than 10,000 publishers world wide. We represent Baidu & BestTV for the Latam Market.

Regional Representation is the best option for digital media & innovation platform within Latin America representation.

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About Us is the best option for  digital media & innovation platform representation within Latin America considering the commercial input and great experience in the relationship with agencies and advertisers.  Our way of word is on a 100% ” win2win” basis to generate long term relationships. Adsparent offers “Direct Response” and “High Profile Brand Exposure”. Our team of specialists will create a media strategy that fits your needs, keeping a close eye on your campaign goal. Our focus is on maximizing ROI (Return on Investment) everyday. The first thing we need to know is your company’s objective, e.g. generate traffic, enhance brand recognition, increase sales or generate contacts.

Our Benefits

  • Branding: For those companies who seek brand recognition & reliability.
  • Traffic generation with a CPC campaign:For those companies who seek to receive many visitors in their site in a very short term.
  • User contacts (Cost per Lead):For those companies who seek new users or subscriptions to be used within CRM.
  • Generate sales (Cost per Acquisition):For those companies who seek to sell products.
  • Video advertising:The Video Ad is one of the fastest growing online models nowadays.
  • Social Media campaigns:For those companies who seek to increase their visibility in the net
  • SEM:The Search Engine Marketing is an active marketing strategy which allows segmentation of the online users volume and reorientation of their search according to the client’s objectives.
  • Mobile:Campaigns based on mobile advertising can effectively reach your target audience at any time and place, giving as a result an excellent CTR.

Bradley Johnson

“A ready-made tool is a fantastic tool for any type of business. It is definitely worth buying.”

Bradley Johnson // Chicago

Alex Winslow

“Efficient online presence is indeed helping with conversion as we have almost doubled our shop’s income.”

Alex Winslow // San Francisco.


You can contact a consultant who will assist you immediately.

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